We’ve turned a living room into a concert hall. Staged a police shoot out with the SFPD. Captured time-lapse images from the top of a gondola. Climbed into a wine vat. Turned a school teacher into a swashbuckling pirate. Helped non-profits raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single evening. Worked with Fortune 500 CEOs. Interviewed NBA legend John Salley and the San Francisco Chief of Police. Won awards for several of our commercials. And produced a wide variety of corporate videos that keep our top-shelf clients happy and coming back for more.

What Sets Us Apart

Our extensive background in copywriting means that nailing the right story, message, and tone is at the heart of everything we do. Our videos are often based on a documentary-style approach, which helps to keep our subjects — who are often our clients themselves — relaxed, unscripted, and authentic. This style also allows us to draw upon our copywriting background to edit together the parts that will tell the best and most compelling story possible. After years of writing copy in the technology space, we also have an uncanny ability to take complex concepts and boil them down into simple messages that anyone can understand. The same goes for our videos.

Our Approach to Social Video

If we were into acronyms, we'd tell you our entire content creation philosophy is based on the concept of ICE. But if we're being honest, the presence of an acronym here is really just coincidence.  The fundamentals of our approach remain the same no matter which synonyms you use for the names of each step.

Step 1: Intrigue

In just a few moments, a targeted social video can tell a story, convey a message, and create a response that would take pages to achieve with static words and images alone.

Step 2: Connect.

In exchange for the compelling content you provide and the intrigue your videos generate, customers are more likely to connect with your business to learn more and keep in touch.

Step 3: Engage.

Once they become part of your social circle, you have their attention. As well as the power to engage, converse, promote, and turn interested leads into active and frequent customers.

Select Client List

• Lam Research • KLA Tencor • IBM • Granite Construction • Facebook
• Shotspotter • Habitat • Dominican Hospital • VMware • Intel
• Apple • Cisco • SoundHound • Alpha Public Schools • TiVo

Meet the Crew


Cory Fossum
Principal and Showrunner

An award-winning copywriter and video producer, Cory lends his strategic vision to every project that comes through Fossum Creative. Since founding the agency in 2002, he has amassed a roster of clients that includes some of the biggest names in the tech industry. Cory divides his time between consulting with clients, producing and directing videos, and ensuring that each project meets the high standards that are the trademark of Fossum Creative.


Trish Caron
Chief Shot Caller, Set Design, Makeup Artist

As a former Hollywood talent manager, model, and business owner, Trish brings to Fossum Creative countless years of strategic planning and client relations expertise. She oversees many of our marketing activities and helps to ensure that all business decisions are made to satisfy the needs of both the agency and our clients.   


Michael Pineda Cestaro
East Coast Operations, Filmmaker, and Editor

Mike is our East Coast coordinator, cinematographer, and editor. He has spent the past twelve years developing award-winning marketing campaigns with video and creative content for top industry marketing agencies and clients. He believes marketing content should achieve three goals - "it needs to be beautiful, it needs to be seen, and it needs to be effective."