Behind the Scenes: Kateeva

Client: Kateeva
Location: Newark, California

With their breakthrough inkjet manufacturing equipment, Kateeva is helping to fulfill the promise of OLED technology. With the help of their printing technology, bendable, rollable, and even foldable devices are soon within reach. Which is pretty incredible if you own a mobile device, television, wristwatch, or anything else with a display. And since that is just about everything these days, you can expect the demand for OLED displays to skyrocket in the foreseeable future. Kateeva is expecting this, too, and as such has boosted their employee recruiting efforts to bring the best and brightest minds into the company. 

A major part of their initiative involves boosting their profile on job sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn and the other places where career seekers spend their time. To help them do this, Kateeva turned to Fossum Creative to produce a video that showcases the company as both a technology innovator on the cutting edge and a fantastic place to work. 

The Direction
After presenting a few possible directions we could take, our clients at Kateeva agreed that the best approach for this recruiting video would be to interview several of their employees and find out what they loved so much about working there and showcase the different environments where they do their work. We wanted the enthusiasm to jump off the screen and we also wanted to make sure that the answers were honest and authentic. In our many years of producing videos like these, we've found that the best way of doing this is to throw out the script and just ask guided questions. The answers we get are usually far better than anything we could have come up with ourselves for a voiceover, and the viewers prefer to see a real glimpse of the types of people they could end up working beside for several years. 

The Shoot
The Kateeva video was filmed at their headquarters in Newark, CA over two days in April 2018, with an additional day of pickup shots and additional interviews in early May. The biggest challenge involved towing the fine line of what technology could be shown in the video and what — for privacy, legal, and non-disclosure reasons — had to be left on the cutting room floor. Because of this, some of our favorite shots will never see the light of day, which is obviously a bummer but also part of the process when you work with technology companies.

The Equipment
As we do these days, we used the workhorse Panasonic GH5 and a variety of native Lumix lenses to film the Kateeva video in glorious 4K. The interviews were lit with two Aputure LS 120D lights with the Light Dome and a diffuser. The Zhiyun Crane 2 was used for the gimbal shoots and the DJI Mavic Pro is responsible for the first shot of Kateeva HQ. All the editing was done in Final Cut Pro X.

Fossum Creative
Directed | Filmed | Edited: Cory Fossum
2nd Camera | Lighting: Michael Rulfs
Camera: Panasonic GH5
Edited: Final Cut Pro X

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